Business Intelligence

Audit & Assurance

Our experienced team of industry specialists and data analysts integrate state of the arttechnology and analytics practice using data with the organisation’s vision, strategy andfinancial objectives.
We focus our efforts on Customer Value Management, Sell Through ptimization and SpaceProductivity to realise the following benefits

Customer Value Management

  • Higher customer profitability
  • Increased customer lifetime value
  • Lower customer churn
  • Reduced ATL spends
  • Marketing ROI visibility

Sell Through Optimization

  • Optimized sell through rates in line and beyond targets
  • Deeper insights for buying and merchandising decisions
  • Prevent margin erosion
  • Better consolidation of inventory
  • Reduced storage and logistics costs
  • Higher profitability

Space Productivity

  • Net and linear space productivity visibility
  • Under / Over utilized space productivity visibility
  • Enable centralized visual merchandise planning and execution
  • Display Capacity insights for buying and merchandising
  • Space productivity & profitability by category, sub-category, brand
  • Associated costs savings with better space and manpower planning