Frequent Mistakes Individuals Commit Under GST

There are numerous faults people perform while handling GST taxation. Unless and until you recognize and rectify them on an immediate effect, you may have to suffer a huge loss on the go. Notably, these mistakes can be classified principally into two categories: Computational Mistakes Conceptual Mistakes Computational Mistakes These errors can be considered as minute mistakes […]

GST & GST Audit

Why the GST is so important for the tax system in India? India has launched its biggest tax reform from 1st of July, 2017 with an IVA that, according to the government, will bring a stronger and less corrupt economy. It is a big change that worries entrepreneurs. GST means Goods and Service Tax (GST) that replaces[.....]

Startup schemes in India

Startup Schemes in India: Startup Schemes in India is launched by the Indian Government. The main purpose of these schemes is to promote trade and entrepreneurship which can bring employment and job forward in the country. The main objective of the Startup India Scheme is to add young people with a new generation and new ideas from[.....]