About AGA | Auditors in Kochi, Kerala

A. George & Associates, Chartered Accountants (AGA), established in the year 1987, is a firm of  Chartered accountants in Cochin, India. AGA comprises of committed professionals with specialized skills, servicing a range of business needs, believing strongly in creating and adding value to Clients. Updated knowledge base, adaptation and utilization of contemporary tools/processes, coupled with service techniques that have been honed and refined over the years, have helped AGA to be in the forefront in all its areas of expertise.

We as Internal and statutory Audit Consultant in Kochi, Ernakulam define our success not by size but by client satisfaction is equipped to meet the changing demands of the corporate and non-corporate industrial, commercial and financial businesses with its highly trained personnel with specialised service capabilities in diverse fields covering a wide spectrum of activities.

The financial consulting firms’  have two partners and twelve staffs are committed to providing you with cost-effective, high quality, innovative and practical solutions for your businesses. We are currently planning to expand over to other areas in Kerala such as Thiruvananthapuram and Calicut.

about the internal audit consultant in Kochi

Why AGA?

At AGA, we strongly believe in establishing long term relationship with the clients. Starting right from the introductory meetings we would endeavour to make you feel the difference in the quality of service that you can expect and shall receive at AGA. To us, every client is equally important and when they repose their trust in us, it becomes our bounden duty to serve them with the utmost care and the highest level of professional competence. Every member of the team at AGA is encouraged to be friendly, professional and fully committed to delivering the best service. You would find that each team leader at AGA would serve you not as an employee of the firm but as an independent professional who is personally responsible and has a keen interest in the success of the assignment under his care. We have a blend of experienced, young and vibrant professionals.

In a nutshell, our strength lies in our versatility – wherein you would experience being served personally by a senior member and yet he can draw upon the vast experience and skills of various partners and firms’ professionals to ensure that he is able to provide you with an all-round solution which is second to none.

Vision Statement

To be the best advisory and assurance institution providing lasting value to clients through an inspired and motivated team of professionals delivering consistently with Transparency, Expertise and Timeliness as its DNA.

Our Values and Methodology

Building trust and relationship is paramount in all our actions. We firmly believe that integrity has no substitute. We are constantly in pursuit of par excellence. To be the front runners in our field is a burning desire.

Top-end quality of our client deliverable is a commitment we have made to ourselves and we travel the extra mile to achieve it. Every assignment at AGA is under the direct charge of an engagement partner whose responsibility is to be a mentor, guide and supervisor to the engagement team. Every member of the engagement team is encouraged to be innovative and research-oriented. Team members are not only hard-working but are intelligent working professionals. Be it the audit reports, the tax strategies or the advice – we are always one step ahead in the process. Each process of an assignment is subjected to critical evaluation with a fault-finding objective to ensure that the client deliverables are top-notch, error-free and the best in class.

AGA Value Proposition

•Specialized skills to cater to the Client needs
•Committed professionals who believe in AGA philosophy of ‘adding value’
• Experience in large, medium and small businesses
• Competence in the areas of Service
• Updated knowledge base
• Systems & Process driven approach
• Awareness and ability to bring in the best practices in the industry
• Global perspective
• Contemporary tools and processes
• Understanding of local conditions and issues
• Appreciation of the Client’s needs from a functional perspective
• Integrated services for a range of business needs – customised to meet Client needs